Strangers try to win a video game together on the blockchain.

Video games are more fun when you have to vote for every button press!

How to play

Mint your button

Buy the buttons you want to press.


Join the Discord

Confirm ownership of your buttons to unlock emojis.

Join now

Vote every press

Post emojis of your button to control the game.

Vote in #controller

Mint your buttons

There are 1000 of each button. They cost ~$29.99 (0.009 ETH), the original retail price of Pokémon Red and Blue. The first 50 of each button cost ~$0.25 (0.0008 ETH), the price of a classic arcade game.

  • :A_BUTTON:

    Confirm, control.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint A
  • :B_BUTTON:

    Reject, deny.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint B
  • :LEFT:

    Move left.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint LEFT
  • :DOWN:

    Move down.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint DOWN
  • :RIGHT:

    Move right.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint RIGHT
  • :UP:

    Up only.

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint UP
  • :SELECT:

    Uh, selects stuff?

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint SELECT
  • :START:

    Opens menus

    Enables voting in DAOcade Discord.

    Mint START


What is DAOcade?

DAOcade is a collective of individuals attempting to use the blockchain to win a classic video game together. Members purchase button NFTs that they can use to vote on every move in the DAOcade Discord. It's a decentralized autonomous organization, which means it's both cutting edge and good.

Why play video games with a DAO?

For decades, the only way for multiple people to play a video game at the same time was to physically share the controller. This had profound impacts on both scalability and liquidity. Now, inspired by the Web2 classic Twitch Plays Pokemon, we're using the incredible power of Web3 to combine the joy of video games with the speed of the blockchain and the thrill of decentralized governance.

Can it go faster?

In order to assure a democratic, trustless voting process, each button press must be voted upon, tallied, saved to distributed storage, and then saved on the blockchain. This necessarily takes anywhere from 10 to 50 seconds, depending on network traffic and gas prices. This may seem slow compared to the centralized, fiat-derived video games of the past, but it's a small price to pay for democracy.

Do I have to pay to vote?

No. Once you mint a button, there is no further cost. The DAOcade governance board pays all gas fees for voting. The buttons are priced to cover these costs.

Can the DAO vote on other things, like leadership?

Currently voting is limited to button presses only. The DAOcade governance board may choose to put more matters up to a vote in the future.

Tech specs


Buttons are ERC1155 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain with metadata stored on-chain and images distributed on IPFS. Supply is limited to 1000 tokens per button.


Voting takes place in the DAOcade Discord. Members must prove proof of button token ownership to be able to vote. Members can vote one time per voting session. They can only vote for a button they own.

Voting results

Tabulation of votes occurs off-chain with the full tally of each vote signed and distributed on IPFS. The final result of each vote is entered into a smart contract on the Polygon blockchain. The official DAOcade stream of the game responds to votes verified by this contract. Anyone can emulate the game by following along with the events emitted by this contract.

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